Covid 19 outbreak

A New York man accused of punching an Asian lady over 100 times

Yonkers police uploaded gruesome security footage of the attack that occurred on March 11. Tamil Esco was charged with attempted...

Seth Meyers
Seth Meyers: “It Felt Like We Were Hanging Onto a Pandemic”
North Korea
North Korea fires likely ICBM hours after Biden leaves Asia
Major supporter of the Wuhan lab assured Fauci’s organization COVID that the number of cases would be capped at 20,000
Leah McSweeney talks about her battles with depression
In Itlay, the covid-19 outbreak halted tourism and traffic in the canals 
Monetary Policy Committee To Maintain Policy Rate at 7% : SBP
SBP changes bank timings due to COVID-19 outbreak
Schools will be re-open from June 1 in the UK
When will schools reopen and is it safe to send your child back to school?
Educational institutions
When will schools reopen in the Pakistan?
Russia to block criticism over coronavirus
Russia to block criticism over coronavirus measures
Money Heist Season 4
Breaking News For Money Heist Fans!
United States Based
US based Tech Giants teaming up to fight the fatal COVID-19
Turkish Airlines
Turkish Airlines says 85% of its planes trivial amidst coronavirus crisis
Coronavirus live updates: California announces measure, Saudi Arabia suspends domestic flights
COVID-19: Russia announces first coronavirus death
T20 World Cup 2020 postponed due to Coronavirus
Twenty20 World Cup Australia to take place as per schedule
PUBG Mobile
PUBG Mobile World and Americas Pro Leagues postponed
Coronavirus updates : Worldometers hit by cyber attack
Ronaldo quarantined after teammate tests positive for coronavirus
Covid 19 Prevention; Make Your Own Sanitizer at Home