Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey

Elon Musk
YouTube accused of neglecting phoney Elon Musk livestream frauds

YouTube has been criticized for failing to take action against cyber criminal networks that distribute fake Elon Musk videos to deceive viewers.  YouTube says it will...

Trump Facebook suspension
Trump Slams His Account’s Suspension By Facebook, says it’s an ‘insult’ to US voters
Twitter office in Africa
Jack Dorsey Announces To Establish Twitter’s Presence In Africa
Jack Dorsey
Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey donates $15m for basic-income support
Twitter reply-limiting feature
Reply limiting: Twitter rolls out the new feature for all users
Donald Trump TikTok ban
Donald Trump says he will ban TikTok in US
US President
Twitter locks Donald Trump’s account after he posted false claims regarding COVID-19
Google Work From Home
Google extends Work From Home until June 2021
Donald Trump tweet
Twitter removes image from Trump’s tweet after a copyright complaint
Facebook will allow group admins to ‘slow down’ toxic conversations
Facebook tightens controls on hate speech as ad boycott grows
Instagram Reels
Instagram likely to overtake Twitter as a news source
Facebook dismisses employee
Facebook dismisses employee who protested inaction on Trump’s post
Twitter to allow its users to request for verification
After Twitter, Snapchat's decision against the US President Trump
After Twitter, Snapchat’s decision against the US President Trump
Donald Trump and Twitter
Donald Trump threatens to close Twitter as he fears to be banned