WatsApp, Google, Amazon are hackers’ favorite brands to copy

Muhammad UsmanMultimedia Journalist

05th Aug, 2020. 10:51 pm

According to a research, Google, Amazon, WhatsApp, and Facebook are hackers’ favorite brands to copy and can easily trick people into sharing their personal information and details.

The two main giants Google and Amazon are at the top to be imitated by the hackers with 13 percent, followed by WhatsApp and Facebook and 9 percent and Microsoft at 7 percent.

In the quarter of this year, Apple has shifted to seventh place. These brands are ranked by their overall appearance.

According to details, Facebook is the most copied brand by hackers on mobile phones with Microsoft ranks at the top in email attacks. Comprising 61 percent of the attacks, Google, Amazon, and WhatsApp were the top brands for web-based attacks.

The hackers use the scheme that involves copying the brands’ website or by creating the same webpage of the official website of the giants’ website.

Ways to Attract the Victims Into Visiting Fake Websites:

Victims can be tricked into going to a bogus website via a phishing email or text message.

Once the victim arrives at the fake website, the trick is to get their personal information to steal their credentials.

How A User Can Stay Safe?

If the user wants to be safe and does not want his personal information to be secure all he has to do is never click on promotional links in emails. To check the authenticity, the user should always the official website of the brand.

Another step to be safe is to stay away from the “special” offers. Such emails that come in the spam are usually bogus. One more safety precaution is to check the spellings or grammatical errors. The top brands are always very careful about their content.

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