Microsoft Headquarters will Soon Convert Into Vaccination Center

Fahad PervezWeb Editor

19th Jan, 2021. 11:46 pm

Microsoft will soon turn its headquarters into a vaccination center for the distribution of vaccines against the covid-19.

As per reports, the tech giant wants to help the people who have contracted the virus

Microsoft’s CEO Bill Gates is the mastermind for this step, he supposedly desires to vaccinate us all with his 5G chips. In its place of even beginning to comment on this nonsense, Microsoft efforts to help and guarantees that there are corona vaccinations at its most important location. As Microsoft has now announced, the Redmond campus will become a vaccination center.

Microsoft will provide both rooms and staff to support the vaccination measures, the manager Smith said.

Microsoft is helping to minimize the cost of vaccinations and to care for people without health insurance. By February, the Microsoft campus is to become a mass vaccination center.

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