US Election 2020: Biden encourages voters to stay empowered & united

Hamna HumailWeb Editor

01st Nov, 2020. 07:41 pm
US Election 2020: Biden

US Election 2020: Democratic presidential nominee, Joe Biden, returned to Iowa, after leaving in February with a fourth-place caucus finish.

Biden delivered his standard stump speech, but devoted a chunk of his remarks to Democratic Senate candidate, Theresa Greenfield, as he campaigned not only to beat President Trump but also to flip the Senate blue.

Biden trolled Republican Sen. Joni Ernst after the moment in the Iowa Senate debate where she couldn’t name the break-even price of soybeans.  “And as we saw in a debate where a farmer’s daughter knows a breakeven point for the price of corn — crops. You’d think that’d be fairly basic,” he said. “That’s like my not knowing where the Delaware River was back home.”

He shared similarity between himself and Greenfield saying,

“Theresa and I both lost our first spouses,” he said. “We’ve both been single parents to young kids. We both found a way back from broken places. We know that’s why you should elect this woman, Theresa, to the United States Senate. She sees she understands, she believes. When she talks to you and you talk to her, you know, and I’m not just saying this, you know she understands, she gets it.”

Joe Biden slammed President Trump for discouraging people from voting and said, “This President has done everything to try to discourage us, to try to convince us that voting doesn’t matter – all the stuff he’s putting out. But guess what, he will not be able to stop us at all.”

He added that “despite Trump’s efforts,” “We will not be silenced. 85 million people have already voted so far.”

Much of his speech was focused on the pandemic as he ticked through a list of grievances and statistics. “The Iowa State Fair was canceled for the first time since World War II,” he said. “And Donald Trump has given up.”

He called out the president for bragging that he didn’t pay his fair share of taxes and claiming it’s because he’s smarter than the system.

Biden stated: “Well he ain’t gonna be gaming the system anymore in a Biden administration. They’re gonna start paying.”

He ended his speech by saying, “So in these final days, stay empowered, stay united, stay optimistic. Make a plan to vote, vote early. Vote on Election Day. Help get out the vote.”


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