Sidhu Moose Wala: An update on the Indian rapper’s murder 

Sidhu Moose Wala: An update on the Indian rapper’s murder 

Sidhu Moose Wala: An update on the Indian rapper’s murder 

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Police in the Indian capital Delhi have arrested three new people in connection with the death of singer Sidhu Moose Wala.

On May 29, a famous rural rapper from Punjabi was shot and killed by unknown gunmen. His death sparked protests and shouts as fans around the world mourned the death of the eclectic pop star.

On Sunday, police identified two men as “two-armed men” and arrested a suspect in western Gujarat. At a news conference Monday, Delhi police chief H.S. Dhaliwal said three men searched several times before killing Moose Wala. The rapper was shot in 24 years and died on the way to the hospital.
“Eight grenades, nine electric detonators, three pistols and a submachine gun were found in the suspect’s belongings,” Dalibal said. At least a dozen people have been arrested in a joint investigation by Punjab police, who died alive and died in Delhi and Moosewala.

They say the incident revealed a complex network of gang violence in Punjab.



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– Reason why Moose Wala was killed –

It’s hard to say, but police suspect there was a gang rivalry, but Moose Wala’s family vehemently denied it. Police said they were silent on the investigation and were investigating the cause of the shooting. Punjab has its drawbacks, from big bosses, ancestors, bees and thugs to gangster scholars. According to experts, the violence comes mainly from fights between them. Issues such as corruption and rising unemployment have increased their influence in cities in the state.


Ravindra Singh Robin, a senior journalist for Amritsar, said that these bandits also have a great cultural heritage. “It’s like Bollywood,” he added, citing claims that Mumbai is connected to the underworld.


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– A small clue and Murderer –


The investigation into Icewala’s death was not easy, given the awareness of the incident.

First of all, the singer gained a lot of popularity and was highly respected by the fans who were outraged that he was killed. Police said the incident also revealed a “successful criminal alliance” involving several states and cities.

In Punjab, where authorities have set up a special investigation unit, officials spent days gathering details about the case and searching for information and answers. However, on May 25, just days before the murder, a senior official took over when police discovered fuel receipts. The receipt was found in the car used to commit the crime, 13 km from the place of Muj Bala’s shooting. Police immediately went to the gas station that issued the receipt, checked the surveillance cameras and identified the suspect.

According to police, the photos also showed the suspect’s way to Muzabala. Police said they searched the vehicle and confiscated all the vehicles used in the crime.

According to police, the investigation showed that all the defendants were acting on behalf of two main assassins, Lawrence Vishnoy and the Canadian Goldie Bra. Lawrence Bishnoi, who denies the allegations, is being held in a prison in India. Police say they will extradite Goldy Brar, who did not comment on the Moose Wala case. On Monday, police said there was evidence that one of the shooters had direct contact with him at the time of the murder.

Punjab police have arrested eight more people on charges of “providing logistical assistance, conducting reconnaissance and deploying armed forces”. Police said in a press release that a suspect was disguised as a fan and is monitoring the singer’s movements.


“He took a selfie with the singer a few minutes before the murder. Then he told the singer the details of the vehicle and the number of passengers as if there were no bodyguards, as well as the fact that it was a bulletproof Mahindra Thar vehicle with armed men and processors from abroad. ”


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