UAE: Man accused of murder extradicted to Belgium
UAE: Man accused of murder extradicted to Belgium

UAE extradited Gergely Franc to Belgium. The extradition followed a legal process involving a trial. The UAE is actively working...

Sindh Rangers
Sindh Rangers arrested 4,213 accused in various operations in 2022
JI protest Karachi
Karachi street crime: JI to protest against the surge
India: Why sex with mutual understanding is crime?
girl killed
Nine-month-old girl killed as police, robbers exchange fire in Karachi
Karachi crime
Karachi police chief claims crime rate has reduced
Violent crime
Violent crime in Tijuana has been on the rise
Police in South Africa look into fatalities at nightclubs
The prime minister was chairing a meeting on the law and order.
PM expresses concern over surging street crimes in Punjab
Sidhu Moose Wala
Sidhu Moose Wala: An update on the Indian rapper’s murder 
Singapore: A 51-year-old Indian woman was sentenced to prison for duping a man on a matchmatching service
‘Brutal’ violent crime surge in South Africa: police
The Department of Justice will investigate the police reaction to the Uvalde incident.
Harris declared that America is facing an “epidemic of hate” at the burial of a buffalo gunshot victim
Houston crimestoppers
The CEO of Houston crimestoppers outlines how parents may protect their children at school
Man dies in Brazilian police custody after being restrained in car filled with unknown gas
Anti-Semitism suspected in elderly Frenchman’s murder: prosecutor
As of Wednesday, the Texas school shooter’s grandmother was remained hospitalized after surgery
Families of Uvalde shooting victims are being pushed to sue gun manufacturers
Kaitlin Armstrong’s father speaks out about the murder allegations against her.
Investigators discovered ‘incendiary devices in automobile that hit three children at elementary school in California
At the scene of an armed robbery in Maryland, a suspect drops his wallet, which contains his identification.
Israel army: ‘no suspicion’ of crime in journalist shooting
A Florida gas station fire was started by a deputy’s Taser during a motorcycle arrest.
Philadelphia police are offering a $20,000 prize for information on a murder suspect.
 An Oregon fugitive is wanted for rape and violence.after escaping from jail
Warrant out for inmate and correctional officer in Alabama who escaped
Body of Wife murdered by Pizzeria owner found in a woodland grave
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