Three optical illusions that will sting your mind

Sania SaeedWeb Editor

11th Aug, 2021. 08:41 pm
These 3 optical illusions that will sting your mind

These amazing optical illusions aren’t what they seem, from spinning circles to disappearing dots. Are you ready for your mind to be blown?

Cafe wall illusion

Although the horizontal lines appear to be angled up and down, they are always parallel. Why would you require proof? Use a piece of paper to cover the left and right sides of one line of squares. And therefore were no slants to be found.

Spinning seeds

Even though they’re all stationary, your eyes will keep jumping to the spinning sunbursts of seeds. Give your eyes a break and let’s solve these Lateral thinking puzzles

Scintillating grid illusion

The scintillating grid illusion is an oldie but a goodie that you may have seen before! Until you focus on each white circle, your brain believes there is a black dot inside each white circle. Then it started to dawn on you that it was never there in the first place. Put your eyes to the test because these images might be quite deceiving.

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