Wife tries to crush husband with a car, watch viral video

Raba NoorWeb Editor

04th Aug, 2021. 11:17 pm
Wife crush husband

Wife crush husband

There are small quarrels between husband and wife in every house, but such quarrels after which the wife becomes the enemy of the husband’s life, you have hardly seen.

According to the sources, surveillance cameras in the United States have recorded a recent incident in which an American woman can be seen repeatedly trying to crush her own husband under the car.

Watch the viral video:

In the video, the woman’s husband can be seen getting out of a black car, after which the man starts throwing things out of the trunk of the car.

Shortly afterward, a woman in the driver’s seat drove the car backward and tried to crush her husband.

Later, the camera also recorded the hand-to-hand fight between the husband and wife on the road.

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