IND vs AUS: Anti-CAA protests reach Mumbai Stadium

By Aizbah Khan - Web Editor

14th January, 2020

A group of students has protested against CAA NRC and NPR during India and Australia by wearing t-shirts which read “No CAA, No NRC and No NPR”.

According to the details, students showed up at Mumbai’s Wankhade stadium during the first ODI between India and Australia in anti-CAA slogan t-shirts.

The protesters claimed that they were within the law to wear t-shirts with a message at the match while Mumbai police escorted the students out of the ground.

India media reported that one of the protestors told the media “We reached Wankhade stadium India vs Australia match for peacefully showing our message – No NPR, NO NRC and NO CAA.”

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He stated “We did not do anything apart from silently showing our message, which was written on our t-shirts.”

He further said “BCCI rules also allow anyone to display any message apart from commercial messages.”

“We are protesting since last so many days but till now PM Modi has not approached us to talk on CAA NRC and NPR,” he added.

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