Hong Kong activist arrested near US embassy

Amna QuddusiWeb Editor

28th Oct, 2020. 12:12 pm
Hong Kong Activist Detained Near US Embassy

A Hong Kong activist has been arrested outside the United States (US) embassy by a plain-clothed policemen.

On Tuesday, Tony Chung visited the US consulate and seek asylum, the Friends of Hong Kong activist group located in the UK stated. He and two other former members were detained because of being a member of the pro-independence organization.

Earlier in July, after the introduction of the new controversial national security law, Mr. Chung was detained.

The 19-year old was blamed for being part of the group that promises the future of independent Hong Kong and later released on bail.

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The domestic security law of Hong Kong, enacted in June, makes secession, central government subversion, insurgency, or collaboration with foreign powers punishable by imprisonment for life.

It has been universally criticized around the world, with critics claiming it puts an end to rights and liberties promised for five decades after the end of British colonialism in Hong Kong in 1997.

After the legislation was enforced, a majority of pro-independence organizations dissolved.

The arrest was relevant to the investigation, police added.

Mr. Chung in his latest interview told, “Beijing is winning at this stage now”.

“With the imposed national security law, pro-independence activists are leaving Hong Kong. Protesters are afraid to chant political slogans.”

But he also said activists had not given up. “At the right moment, we will come out to protest again,” he added.

“Yes, we lose at this moment. But the road to democracy is always long, he further said.

Some of the media reports after the arrest of the 19-year-old also reported that around four pro-independence activists are detained. However, the US consulate has not yet responded to any of the claims.

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