North Korea unveils new intercontinental ballistic missile

Muhammad UsmanMultimedia Journalist

11th Oct, 2020. 09:00 pm
intercontinental ballistic missile

On Saturday, North Korea unveiled a massive new intercontinental ballistic missile in a predawn military parade.

The parade marked the 75th anniversary of the ruling Workers’ Party. During the parade, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un also addressed the country and urged to stay strong during the “huge challenges”.

This intercontinental missile is larger in size than the Hussong 15 missile, which was tested in November 2017, and has the potential to hit America.

Since the tension between Pyongyang and Washington cooled in 2018, the regime first time showcase its most powerful weapons in a military parade.

The North Korean leader said in a speech to a military ceremony that Pyongyang would continue to strengthen its defense capabilities.

“If we weaken North Korea’s national security or combine military force against the country, we will respond using the most powerful military force.”


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