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Indian Soldier Slips in Snow on Border and Lands in Pakistan

Muhammad UsmanMultimedia Journalist

14th Jan, 2020. 08:19 pm
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Indian Soldier Slips

Indian  Soldier slips in the snow at Gulmarg, Jammu and Kashmir while on duty and lands in Pakistan. On January 8 Rajendra Singh’s wife received a phone call that he is missing.

Later it was found that Rajendra Singh had slipped in the snow and crossed India-Pakistan border and landed in Pakistan accidentally.

The grieved family demanded the Indian government for his safe return. According to Indian Army the search operation is underway and all efforts are being made for safe and early return of their soldier.

Authorities in Pakistan have not yet commented on the event neither they have acknowledged that the India soldier is in their custody.

There are rumors circulating that he might have been detained by Indian Army and they are giving this excuse. Similar cases have happened earlier, where Indian soldiers were tortured through code-red and the blame was established on Pakistan.

Tensions between Pakistan and India have increased once again as the newly appointed Indian COAS wanted to win the popular vote in his country.

The Indian government is already facing pressure from the public after students are protesting against CAA bill. According to the CAA bill, Muslims have been asked to prove their identities and time of living in India. Modi’s fascist mentality continues to mistreat Muslims in India.

The new Indian Army chief, General Manoj Mukhund Naravane said that if his government allowed, Indian Army would take Azad Kashmir from Pakistan. Apparently he only said this to become famous in India.

Kashmir has been a War zone between Pakistan and India since time immemorial, but violence has been on the rise ever since India revoked Kashmir’s special status last year on August 5, 2019.

Rajendra Singh Negi joined the 11 Garhwal Rifles regiment in 2002. He arrived in Dehradun in the month of October for vacation and was posted to the snowy area of Gulmarg in November.

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