World’s ‘most expensive sheep’ sold for Rs 82 million

Aizbah KhanWeb Editor

29th Aug, 2020. 09:04 pm
World's 'most expensive sheep' sold for Rs 82 million

In the UK, a certain breed of golden sheep broke all records after selling for 80 million and became the most expensive sheep in the world.

According to the reports, when the Double Diamond sheep auction began in Glasgow, within minutes of the bidding, a man bought the sheep for a record  £368,000, valued at 82 million Pakistani rupees.

This golden sheep was bought by a citizen named Jeff Aiken and he had been looking at this sheep for several weeks.

He has set a new record by paying the highest price for a double diamond as no other sheep has been bought at such a high price before.

The Double Diamond is thought to belong to a specific breed of sheep, the Texel, which is found on the island of Texel near the Netherlands.

The demand for this rare breed of sheep is very high and it sells in the thousands on ordinary days.

However, Jeff Aiken said that the price of this breed of sheep suddenly increased after the discovery of the double diamond.

Jeff Aiken agreed to jointly bid with another breeder to purchase the sheep.

However, the competition for this Texals breed sheep auction became fierce and more competitors came forward for the 6-month sheep auction when the bidding process started.

Jeff Aiken said the auction process was more nerve-wracking than exciting.

“We knew something special was going to happen because he was a great animal with all the best genes,” he said.

Jeff Aiken said there were about 7 or 8 people who wanted to buy the sheep, which caused the price to go up.

The sheep were sold by a family from the British city of Cheshire and Charlie Bowden.

Earlier in 2009, a sheep was sold for 230,000 pounds.

In addition, Jeff Aiken has previously paid  150,000 for a ram called Sportsman Batman.

Double Diamond is also owned by two of his partners, including Jeff Aiken, who runs farms in Ayrshire and North Amberland.

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