Gilgit Baltistan Election 2020 Results | Candidates | Party Position

Muhammad UsmanMultimedia Journalist

15th Nov, 2020. 12:00 am
Gilgit Baltistan Election 2020 Results

Gilgit Baltistan is electing representatives for the Gilgit Baltistan Assembly today Sunday, November 15.

Politicians from major political parties have campaigned furiously in the past few days. They gathered large crowds and made lofty promises as they contested for the northern territory’s Legislative Assembly seats.

Gilgit Baltistan Election 2020 Results

BOL News will update the election result from each constituency of Gilgit Baltistan. Here you can find results of all constituencies.

GBA 1 Gilgit 1 Election Result 2020

GBA 1 Gilgit 1

Amjad Hussain - Winner11178PPP
Sultan Rais - Runner-Up8356IND
Johar Ali403PTI
Muhammad Shafiq-Ud-Din35IND
Abdul Hameed Gujjar15JUIF
Hasham Bin Iqbal3IND
Jaffarullah Khan1PMLN
Naveer Ahmed1PAL
Aman-Ullah Khan1IND
Syed Mustafa Shah1ITP
Hashim Wali-IND
Asif Khan-IND
Ashaan Ahmed-IND
Mukhtar Hussain-MQM
Qasim Jan-IND
Arsalan Hameed-IND
Farooq Ahmed-IND
Himayatullah Khan-PRP
Abdul Sharif-IND
Abdul Khaliq-IND
Zaheer Abbas-IND
Tariq Hussain-PMLQ
Sabir Muhammad-IND
Sharafat Ali-IND
Saleem Hussain-IND


GBA 2 Gilgit 2 Election Result 2020

Fatta-Ullah- Khan - Winner6696PTI
Jamil Ahmed - Runner-Up6694PPP
Gulab Shah25IND
Ashfaq Ahmed8IND
Khalid Naveed7PAL
Jabran Rashid1IND
Kosar Hussain-IND
Abdul Khaliq-IND
Fida Hussain-IND
Liaqat Ali Khan-IND
Muhammad Nazeem Khan-IND
Shahid Hussain-IND
Shabir Alam-IND
Shoaib Kamal-IND
Amin Shair Khan-IND


GBA 4 Nagar 1 Election Result 2020

Amjad Hussain5858 PPP
Muhammad Ayub4291ITP
Zulfiqar Ali2200PTI
Arif Hussain70PMLN
Akbar HussainIND
Shabbir HussainIND
Akhtar HussainIND
Zulfiqar AliIND
Muhammad AliIND
Muhammad AbbasIND
Mehdi HassanIND
Muhammad JavedIND
Mumtaz HussainIND
Fida HussainIND
Rehmat HussainIND
Saqib HussainIND


GBA 5 Nagar 2 Election Result 2020

GBA 5 Nagar 2

Javed Ali Manwa (Winner)2443 IND
Zulfiqar Ali Murad2122IND
Rizwan Ali1766MWP
Mirza Hussain604PPP
Sajjad Hussain163PMLN
Muhammad Iqbal18 IND
Muhammad IqbalIND
Fida HussainIND
Ghulam HussainIND
Amber HussainIND
Abdul KarimIND
Nazir AhmedIND
Rahbar HassanIND
Muhammad AliIND
Zakir HussainIND
Ijaz HussainIND
Azhar Hussain ManwaIND
Muhammad EssaIND
Muhammad IsmailIND
Muhammad Abbas MusviIND
Kalab AliIND
Muhammad ShahIND
Muhammad HassanIND


GBA 6 Hunza Election Result 2020

GBA 6 Hunza

Ubaidullah Baig
Noor Muhammad4548IND
Zahoor Karim2579PPP
Kamil Jan2507IND
Asif Saeed873AWP
Rehan Shah254PMLN
Rehmat Ali1IND
Wani AhmedIND
Shair GhaziIND
Riaz HussainIND
Hajaat MuhammadIND
Ehsan AliIND


GBA 7 Skardu 1 Election Result 2020

GBA 7 Skardu 1

Raja Muhammad Zakeria Khan (Winner)5290PTI
Syed Mehdi Shah4114PPP
Muhammad Akbar196PMLN
Ahmed AliIND


GBA 8 Skardu 2 Election Result 2020

GBA 8 Skardu 2

Muhammad Kazim (Winner)7534 MWP
Syed Muhammad Ali Shah7186PPP
Kacho Imtiaz Haider1329IND
Muhammad Saeed152PMLN
Muhammad Shabbir121ITP
Manzoor Hussain60APML
Sher Ali Saeedi51IND
Muhammad Afzal40IND
Ahmed Khan3 IND


GBA 9 Skardu 3 Election Result 2020

GBA 9 Skardu 3

Wazir Muhammad Saleem
Fida Muhammad Nashad4445PTI
Wazir Waqar2000PPP
Manzoor Ahmed3 IND


GBA 10 Skardu 4 Election Result 2020

GBA 10 Skardu 4

Nasir Ali Khan
4667 IND
Wazir Hassan3344PTI
Mushtaq Hussain129MWP
Wazir Ishaq73PMLQ
Wazir Muhammad Khan34PPP
Najaf Ali20IND
Muhammad Sikandar Ali18ITP
Manzoor HussainIND
Ghulam AbbasPMLN
Syed Yaseen ShahIND
Basharat HussainIND


GBA 11 Kharmang Election Result 2020

GBA 11 Kharmang

Syed Amjad Ali
Iqbal Hussain1838IND
Syed Mohsin Rizvi2016IND
Shujaat Hussain90IND
Niaz Ali Siam18PPP
Muhammad QasimIND
Mehboob AliIND
Ghulam Muhammad ParviIND
Shabbir HussainPMLN


GBA 12 Shigar Election Result 2020

GBA 12 Shigar

Raja Azam Khan
Imran Nadeem5175PPP
Tahir Shigri2261PMLN
Muhammad Hassan162PMLQ


GBA 13 Astore 1 Election Result 2020

GBA 13 Astore 1

Muhammad Khalid Khursheed
Abdul Hameed3015PPP
Rana Farman Ali2192PMLN
Ghulam Abbas1500IND
Ejaz Ahmed14IND
Ghulam AkbarIND
Abdul RehmanIND
Muhammad AflatoonIND
Naseem ShahIND
Muhammad Munawar LoneIND
Muhammad ShafiIND


GBA 14 Astore 2 Election Result 2020

GBA 14 Astore 2

Shams Ul Haq
Shamsher Rehman-IND
Muzaffar Ali3215PPP
Taaruf Hussain-IND
Wazir Ali127IND
Bashir Ahmed-IND
Nasrullah Khan-IND
Neematullah Khan238JIP
Rana Farooq3196PMLN
Muhammad Tariq-IND
Muhammad Yousaf-IND
Mehboob Ali Khan-IND
Ghulam Abbas-IND
Abid Hussain-IND
Abdul Quddos-IND
Zahoor Hussain-IND
Tahir Ayub-IND


GBA 15 Diamer 1 Election Result 2020

GBA 15 Diamer 1

Haji Shah Baig
Muhammad Suleiman-IND
Abdul Qavi-IND
Abdul Wajid281PMLN
Muhammad Dilpazir2309IND
Noushad Alam183PTI
Bashir Ahmed365PPP
Sher Azam48IND
Hajat Mir75IND
Noor-Ul-Hubul-Haq Ala-IND
Nasir Mehmood3IND

GBA 16 Diamer 2 Election Result 2020

GBA 16 Diamer 2

Muhammad Anwar
Dilbar Khan157PPP
Basharat Ullah-IND
Abdul Aziz1411PMLQ
Atta Ullah2576IND
Muhammad Mera Jan129IND
Farhat Ullah-IND
Azzam- Ud-Din-IND
Abdul Hakim-IND


GBA 17 Diamer 3 Election Result 2020

GBA 17 Diamer 3

Sadar Alam92PMLN
Haji Kaman Khan1 IND
Haider Khan4324PTI
Rehmat Khaliq4570JUIF
Naimat Wali-IND
Muhammad Shoaib-IND
Muhammad Zaman-IND
Ghaffar Khan101PPP
Abdul Khaliq-IND
Abdul Bari-IND


GBA 18 Diamer 4 Election Result 2020

GBA 18 Diamer 4

Gulbar Khan
Mehar Dad-PMLQ
Abdul Sattar-IND
Sadia Danish9PPP


GBA 19 Ghizer 1 Election Result 2020

GBA 19 Ghizer 1

Nawaz Khan Naji
6208 IND
Zaffar Muhammad3000PTI
Syed Sadaqat Ali Shah-IND
Akbar Wali Khan-IND
Shakeel Ahmed4339IND
Syed Jalal Shah4967PPP
Ajab Khan-IND
Atif Salman18PMLN


GBA 20 Ghizer 2 Election Result 2020

GBA 20 Ghizer 2

Nazir Ahmed
Noor Wali Khan-IND
Zar Nazir Khan-IND
Nadeem Ali-IND
Roziman Shah-IND
Musa Madad-IND
Khan Akbar Khan898PMLQ
Haider Wali Khan-IND
Muhammad Nazar Khan3815PMLN
Bulbul Jan-IND
Faiz Ul Karim Shehzad-IND
Afsar Khan-IND
Fida Khan-IND
Ijlal Ali Shah-IND
Haji Ghulam Akbar-IND
Safdar Ali Shirazi-IND
Atta Ur Rehman588IND
Ali Madad Sher808PPP
Abdul Khaliq601JUIF
Sher Faraz-IND
.Sher Jahan Khan-IND
.Shehnaz Bhutto-IND
.Shakeel Ahmed-IND
.Shah Muslim-IND
.Sultan Hameed-IND


GBA 21 Ghizer 3 Election Result 2020

GBA 21 Ghizer 3

Ghulam Muhammad
Karim Ullah-IND
Karim Shah-IND
Abdul Saboor Khan-IND
Sher Nadir-IND
Shah Murad Khan-IND
Zahid Ali-IND
Rehmat Raheem-IND
.Javed Iqbal Baig134IND
Piyar Ali-GQM
Raja Jahanzaib1750PTI
Muhammad Madad Shah-IND
Muhammad Aslam-IND
Latif Hussain-IND
Muhammad Ayub Shah1403PPP
Gohar Shah Advocate-IND

GBA 22 Ghanhce 1 Election Result 2020

GBA 22 Ghanhce 1.xlsx

Mushtaq Hussain
Muhammad Akhtar Khan-IND
Syed Nazar Abbas Kazmi-IND
Rehmatullah Baig-IND
Javed Akhtar-IND
Muhammad Ibrahim Sanai4945PTI
Muhammad Jaffer2615PPP


GBA 23 Ghanhce 2 Election Result 2020

GBA 23 Ghanhce 2.xlsx

Abdul Hameed
Muhammad Hussain-IND
Muhammad Amin Khan-IND
Tahir Ali-IND
Syed Nazar Abbas Kazmi57IND
Jaffar Ali-IND
Aman Ullah117IND
Asif Hussain161IND
Amina Bibi3296PTI
Ghulam Hussain-PMLN
Ghulam Ali Haidri301PPP
Wilayat Ali-IND

GBA 24 Ghanhce 3 Election Result 2020

GBA 24 Ghanhce 3.xlsx

Muhammad Ismail (Winner)6204PPP
Syed Shamsudin5361PTI
Engineer Manzoor Hussain55PMLN


A total of 327 candidates are contesting the elections. These include 101 candidates from different political parties as well as 199 independent candidates.

Various political parties and strong independent candidates are busy gaining the support of other candidates. Some smaller parties and independent candidates have pledged support for the ruling Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) in the federation.

Leaders of the opposition and former Gilgit-Baltistan ruling Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) are accusing the PTI of forcing dozens of top leaders, including eight of their candidates, to change allegiances. However, evidence of these allegations was not provided.

PTI official Basharat Hussain Gelat says people are leaving other parties and joining the PTI, influenced by the federal government’s performance.

Gilgit-Baltistan caretaker Chief Minister Mir Afzal Khan says holding fair and transparent elections is his top priority. The peace of Gilgit-Baltistan is very dear to him and no one will be treated leniently regarding law and order.

Gilgit Baltistan Election 2020: What Each Of The 24 Constituencies Lack

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