Xiaomi Sets New Charging Records with 200W Wired Charging

muzzamil mehboobWeb Editor

04th Jul, 2021. 12:45 pm
Xiaomi Sets New Charging Records with 200W Wired Charging

Xiaomi announced impressive charging flex with the announcement of the Mi 11 line in May. Recently it showcased a Mi 11 Pro charging at a reported 200W and going from 0%to 100% in just 15 minutes. The debate of whether this sort of charging is useful or not is not important, rather the fact that Xiaomi pulled out undoubtedly a great PR stunt is important, with several other records broken by the company.


Xiaomi is called the tech Xiaomi HyperCharge. It didn’t take long for some additional information to emerge, such as the fact that the Mi 11 Pro used in the demo had a bespoke 4,000 mAh battery, rather than the standard 5,000 mAh, and that after 800 charging cycles, the battery had lost 20% of its capacity. Which, while it may sound poor, is actually better than China’s official requirement of 60% battery capacity retention after 400 charges. But that’s beside the point.


After the dust had settled, the prevailing assumption was that, for one reason or another, the 200W charging technology would not be coming to actual end-user devices anytime soon. That, however, does not tell the whole story, and 200W charging may be closer than you think.


NuVolta is the firm behind the 200W charging technology. According to reports, the NuVolta NU2205 is the industry’s fastest charging chip with the largest power output, capable of reaching 100W. The company has launched the second generation of its pump fast-charging microprocessor. It’s also the only Chinese processor that allows a dual-cell, 4:2 pump fast charge design.


The NU2205 is one of its kind. NuVolta Technologies is especially proud of its ability to break international firms’ monopolies in the dual-cell rapid charging area. This may be good news for more than just Xiaomi and its products. Although Xiaomi is still likely to be the first to actually put the tech in a production phone.

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