Concerned about the safety of its users, TikTok puts a stop to ‘milk crate challenge’

Iraj AnwarDigital News Editor

28th Aug, 2021. 07:27 pm
TikTok app uninstall

The video sharing application, TikTok, has decided to ban the viral ‘milk crate challenge’, over safety concerns.

TikTok users come up with a new trend every other day; most of them include dance challenges; however, this time, milk crate challenge is the new viral thing on TikTok. The challenge involves users building a pyramid from milk crates and walking up the lousy structure. The one who does it successfully, turns out to be the winner.

The ban came after clips of people tumbling and toppling over the poorly standing structures became viral. The decision was taken when many health officials voiced their concerns on their social media handles about the injuries suffered by users trying to complete the trend. The trend doesn’t stop here, the users keep climbing the milk crate tower until they are successful.

The dangerous challenge has inflicted many injuries on the users so far. The higher authorities of the company have decided to come up with a safety solution for its users, by monitoring such videos and blocking the content, its titles, and hashtags once and for all.

Thanks to the concerned authorities, videos with the aforementioned description do not yield any results for the viewers searching for the challenge videos any longer.

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