Emoji riddles that will stump your friends

Sania SaeedWeb Editor

23rd Sep, 2021. 06:01 pm

If you love Pictionary, you’ll absolutely get a kick out of these emoji riddles and all you need is your phone.

Text your friends to see if you can stump them or even share on Facebook for a larger group activity. While some are easier than others, they will certainly get you thinking.

Riddle: Let’s start simple

Answer: Love Letter

Riddle: we could all use one of these

Answer: Watch Dog

Riddle: Starting Over

Answer: Back to square one

Riddle: The search is on

Answer: Finding Nemo

Riddle: The large event

Answer: World cup

Riddle: Rhyming

Answer: The cat in the hat

Riddle: Refreshing

Answer: Iced tea

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