Ramiz Raja seeks ‘strong financial system’ for Pakistan cricket

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05th Oct, 2021. 11:29 am

KARACHI: Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) Chairman Ramiz Raja on Tuesday insisted on having a strong financial system for Pakistan cricket.

The newly-elected PCB Chairman is in Karachi to get help from the business community. During his stay, Raja is also scheduled to meet with representatives of the city’s corporate institutions.

Raja said, currently, Pakistan’s cricket was running on the funding of the International Cricket Council (ICC).

Addressing the business community at the Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX) in Karachi, he said that huge investments were being done in cricket boards of other countries.

A solid financial system, Raja added, was also indispensable for good cricket in Pakistan.

In comparison with neighbouring India, the PCB official continued that investment in Pakistan cricket was only 5%.

“We will strive to make the national side number one and improve the infrastructure of the cricket. We have to improve the economy of the cricket as well,” Raja stressed.

According to the PCB Chairman, he was working on the skills of Pakistani cricketers as the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup 2021 was nearing. He remained optimistic about bringing a good team to the global cricketing event.

The PCB Chairman continued, if the business community invested in Pakistan cricket, the money would be spent to improve the conditions of the cricket grounds.

He pointed out that work was not done at the grass-root levels as it should have been done in the past, due to which the local club cricket lagged far behind.

Commenting on the New Zealand pullout from the Pakistan tour recently, Raja said he realised that because of two reasons, no country could dare to take such a step again. “One, if your team was the best in the world, and second, if your cricket’s economy was strong,” said Raja.

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