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‘flawed selection process of appointing coaches’ Amir Sohail slams PCB

Fahad PervezWeb Editor

30th Dec, 2020. 11:23 pm
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Ex-Pakistani Skipper Amir Sohail slammed Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) on their flawed selection process of appointing national coaches.

As per reports, Sohail said that coaches should be there to help fix players’ problems, not to just say ‘shabash’ and clap.

Amir Sohail wrote a statement that,

” When we bring former players into a coaching role for our national side, they are expected to bring their experience to bear when looking after players in the side. To identify weaknesses and strengths of players is what a coach is supposed to do.”

“If he cannot do that, then he needs to help the player hide those problems so that the opposition is not able to take advantage of that,” he added.

He further added to his statement,

“You might as well drop the coaches and hire some people to stand around and clap to cheer-up the players – I am sure that will cost much less!”

“This aspect of their coaching knowledge should have been picked upon at the time of an interview for a position. There clearly was no probing of what technical inputs a potential candidate could bring to the table if selected as coach for Pakistan, and sadly that is now showing in the performances of the team,” Amir added.

“The right way to go about this should have been to ask some of these ex-players to coach at the grassroots level, and when they succeed there, these coaches should be moved up to the Pakistan Under-19 side and then on to Pakistan Shaheens,” he wrote.

“Once they have a proven track record of success at these levels, then they should be considered for coaching assignment with the Pakistan national side, rather than getting the top role straight away.”

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