PFF Signs Deal For Pakistan’s First-Ever Football League

Arhama AltafWeb Editor

04th Aug, 2021. 12:43 pm
PFF signs deal for Pakistan Football League

Pakistan Football Federation (PFF) has announced its first-ever deal with Global Soccer Ventures (GSV) to begin a franchise league called The Pakistan Football League (PFL).

The PFF-GSV deal will focus on developing a state of the art flagship stadium in Karachi, produce a groundbreaking international technical football league collaboration with top clubs from Europe.

The PFF said in its press release that the PFF-GSV collaboration was much bigger than “just a franchise league”.

“It will focus on developing a state of the art flagship stadium in Karachi, produce a ground-breaking international technical football collaboration with top clubs from Europe and design Pakistan’s first-ever sensational domestic inter-city franchise league.”

“Pakistan has seen no development in football and this collaboration ensures funds are injected into Pakistan for the right reasons and for Pakistani football players so the nation can get its domestic football in order first,” the statement added.

“The PFF has placed players at the heart of everything. PFL will help rebuild football in Pakistan by developing a new generation of players. It is designed to create a new football ecosystem to place Pakistan’s players in top priority,” the PFF said.

PFF president Ashfaq Hussain Shah said that he wanted to see football in Pakistan recognised as a professional sport.

“It is about time I take control to secure the future of Pakistan’s players. I want to save football and am proud to partner with GSV who have created a ground-breaking vision for Pakistan.”

“It is my mission to make football recognised in Pakistan as a professional sport and give it the professional impetus to cultivate our national talent and help them compete at an international level on our own soil,” he added.

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