Global Health
Pakistan to host first-ever global health security summit

Pakistan will host Global Health Security Summit later this year. Pakistan is the current chair of Global Health Security Agenda....

Foreign Office
Pakistan overwhelmed by global response at Geneva conference: FO
PM requests Bahrain’s participation in donor conference
Conference held on Pakistan-Bangladesh relations
Aybek Arif Usmanov
SCO To Play Key Role For Global Economic Integration
Ukraine war
Ukraine war complicating WTO’s big conference
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Alaska experienced an ice quake due to the recent heat wave
Chinese, US envoys hold talks on climate change
Foreign Minister Terms India's Allegation of Drone Strike on Pakistan Baseless
Foreign Minister Terms India’s Allegation of Drone Strike on Pakistan “Baseless”
MWL’s ‘Declaration of Peace'
MWL’s ‘Declaration of Peace in Afghanistan’ conference commences today
Kashmir conference in turkey
Turkey Truly Advocated Resolution Of Kashmir Dispute
PM addresses Rehmatul-lil-Aalameen conference
Prophet Muhammad’s character is a role model to lead a successful life: PM
Minister defends power tariff hike, slams PML-N for ‘keeping prices unchanged’
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