Crude oil

Crude Oil
Crude Oil Prices Slump on Global Market

In the worldwide markets, crude oil prices have experienced a decrease of more than 5.5%. Brent crude dropped to $85.81...

Pakistan is
Pakistan is trying to get crude oil from Russia: Musadik Malik
Russian oil
Russian oil cargoes to start arriving from April, Senate told
Russia oil
Pakistan to get crude oil from Russia on discounted rate: Musadiq
china refinery output
China registers back-to-back 2nd month growth in refinery output
cuba oil
Fire at Cuban oil complex injures over 100, kills 1
DFM and DME ring market opening bell to launch trading of Oman crude oil futures
Sri Lanka
US crude oil has risen by 5%
Price of diesel skyrockets in U.S; heavy wheelers distressed
crude oil
Oil tops $113, equities sink on Ukraine war fears
lotte chemical
Lotte Chemical Pakistan
East China province sees robust trade with B&R countries
crude oil
Crude hits 7-year high on recovery hope but equity rally runs out
Oil set to post biggest annual gains
Pakistan stocks
Pakistan bourse remains bullish at midday
China export
China’s export growth lost steam in November
US acts outside IEA; release oil from SPR to curb fuel prices
Japan plans to keep oil as 30% of its energy mix
gas deposits
EIA trims global oil demand, price forecast
crude oil
Saudi oil income increased despite 20% drop in crude exports
Crude oil price in Pakistan weekly update
Crude oil price in Pakistan weekly update
US Pressurizes KSA to cut crude output
Oil markets
Oil prices fell to lowest level in 18 years amid coronavirus pandemic
US Oil prices
Oil Prices look to cuts over economic impact of coronavirus
Oil surges after attack on Saudi oil facilities
Oil prices fear to rise after attack on Saudi oil facilities
Lawyers in senate representing US President have started defending themselves of the President in his impeachment trial.
I have authorized the release of oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve: Trump
Crude oil prices spike in international market