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AI Influence in European Elections Sparks Concerns of Rising Euroscepticism
AI Influence in European Elections Sparks Concerns of Rising Euroscepticism

AI deepfakes raise manipulation concerns for European elections. 2024 may see a rise in Euroscepticism fueled by AI smear campaigns....

European Parliament
European Parliament demands India protect minorities in Manipur State
Mikheil Saakashvili
Ex president Mikheil Saakashvili ‘condition rises concern
Two MEPs loses immunity in corruption case
More MEPs could lose immunity in corruption probe, says president
Josep Borrell
Josep Borrell calls EU corruption charges ‘very very worrisome’
European Parliament
European Parliament labels Russia a terrorist state
Russia "state sponsor of terrorism"
European Parliament labels Russia “state sponsor of terrorism”
French minister Zacharopoulou investigated after rape allegations
European Parliment
European Parliament will suggest to EU leaders that Ukraine be granted candidate status
European Parliament bans Russian lobbyists from premises
Russian oil
EU targets Russian oil, patriarch in new sanctions
European Parliament
European Parliament urges rewrite of EU treaties
EU chief proposes an import ban on all Russian oil
Tunisian President, Kais Saied, promises ‘free and fair’ elections
hong kong
EP turning into disoriented circus
EU lawmakers back rules to curb Big Tech
Italy hits Amazon with 1.1 billion euros antitrust fine
UAE’s non-oil exports jumps 44%
UAE rejects European Parliament resolution on human rights
The EU is preparing to consign gasoline cars to the scrapyard
PM Imran's "Relativizing Holocaust" Irks Europe, Approved Resolution Against Pakistan
PM Imran’s “Relativizing Holocaust” Irks Europe, Approved Resolution Against Pakistan
Kashmir issue in the agenda of European Parliament
The world joins Pakistan to raise voice for the oppressed Kashmiris: SAPM
EU Parliament will discuss over Kashmir issue
EU Parliament all set to discuss IoK situations
International intervention on Kashmir
Pakistan’s calls for international intervention over Kashmir finally heard