World Record: Meteorite Inserts from the Moon, Mars, and Space

Watch by Les Ateliers Louis Moinet S.A. with 12 meteorite inserts in GWR. 18-carat rose-gold case, black wristband, oozes luxury....

Moon Soccer
Moon Soccer: Scientists Unveil Exciting Vision for Matches in Space by 2035
UK’s attempt to launch satellites into space is thwarted by an “anomaly”
William Shatner
William Shatner compares his voyage to space to a “funeral”
Milky Way
New device will investigate Milky Way’s origins
Russia to pull out of International Space Station
European Space Agency develops robotic arm that will collect Martian soil
space photograph
Netizens react to Nasa’s ‘most frightening space photograph’
Iran conducts a satellite launch test
south korea
South Korea launches domestically-developed space rocket
SpaceX has raised $1.68 billion in equity funding
China launches 3 astronauts to space station
Katya was the breadwinner for her family at 17, now gone into space
NASA’s Moon rocket returns to workshop after test failure
South African telescope detects Powerful space laser
Six months in space
hong kong
Morgues overflowing as Hong Kong suffers deadly Covid wave
Space business: The final profitable frontier
Arabian Centers
Arabian Centers opens new facility in Riyadh
Chinese astronauts arrive at space station for longest mission
China’s Mars rover accomplishes planned exploration tasks 
Evergrande misses third round of bond coupon payments
China’s Mars rover travels over 800 meters on red planet 
National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has selected the winning candidates that they have decided to tap to collect lunar resources for eventual Earth return.
Boeing’s Starliner ready to dock to ISS
China’s space-tracking ship finishes new monitoring missions 
China’s Zhurong rover reaches complex terrain on Mars 
Boeing’s Starliner set to launch to space station 
Ramadan Moon Sighted In Saudi Arabia
China releases second batch of lunar samples data online 
NASA’S Hubblespace Telescope failure
NASA’S Hubblespace Telescope failure
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