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Virat Kohli Unique Tongue Art
Watch: Virat Kohli Fan Creates Unique Tongue Art in Viral Video

an uses tongue, not hands, to create Virat Kohli portrait. Video goes viral with 2.6 million views and counting. Mixed...

Skating in Traditional Attire
Young Girl’s Skating Video in Traditional Attire Delights Internet
Adorable Video Warm Hearts
Adorable Video: Orphaned Rhino and Surrogate Mom Warm Hearts
Customer Questions
Customer Questions $60 Container Charge for Theplas Order
Backfired Tweet
Backfired Tweet: Woman Receives Support Amid Fat-Shaming Attempt
Baby chimpanzee throwing stones
Watch: Baby chimpanzee throwing stones at visitors to zoo goes viral
dogs chase Lion
Watch: Lion being chased away by group of dogs goes viral
Mother seal with its infant
Watch: Touching video of mother seal with its infant going viral
Glider Aircraft Crashing
Watch viral: Glider Aircraft Crashing Into Home Just After Takeoff, As per Onboard Clips
Policeman save passenger
Watch: Policeman succeed to save passenger who fell while attempting to board speeding train
providing koala with water
Watch: Passing motorist providing koala with water goes viral
Bond between mother and child
Watch viral: Video captures extraordinary bond between mother and child
Necessity is mother of invention
Necessity is mother of invention: Video depicts without mobile phones there is impossible to live
Dog best Actor
How funny: Dog Deserves Oscar for ‘Best Actor,’ watch viral
Crocodile in water
Watch: Man is fishing in knee-deep water when crocodile’s head rubs against his leg; viral
bedsheet into projector screen
Read viral: Wife of tech YouTuber came up with convert bedsheet into projector screen
Tesla cars flashing
Watch: Tesla cars flashing lights to beat of Oscar-winning song gone viral
Toddler fatal collision
Watch viral: Toddler narrowly avoiding fatal collision with speeding car
Puppies resting like infants
Watch: Rottweiler puppies resting like infants in custom cradles goes viral
Wedding gifts
Watch: Niece received wedding gifts of worth more than Rs 3 crore amazed netizens
World Narrowest City
Wonderful place: World Narrowest City which is utopia for everyone , melts heart
Monkey climb on tree
Watch viral: Man released little monkey, reaction wows internet users
Guy drove car train platform
Watch: Guy drove his car onto platform of train goes viral
Purse for staggering price
Read viral: Pre-owned shopping basket for 86 lakhs on website shocked people
Elephant taking bath
Marvelous creatures: Elephant taking bath on his own utilizing water hose went viral
Tiger long jump
Watch viral: Tiger long jump failed to eat young girl
Parrot taking soothing bath
Watch: Parrot turned on tap then taking soothing bath goes viral
Woman job at higher pay scale
Read Viral: woman’s employer posted her job role at higher pay scale
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