Valadimir Putin

As Ukrainian special forces DESTROY multiple Russian hurricane units, Putin suffers yet another setback

As video from Ukrainian special forces reveals multiple Russian storm units being destroyed, VLADIMIR POLITKOV suffers further humiliation. A drone...

US Aid Ukraine
US declares $820 million in aid for Ukraine, including missile systems
Russian navy
The Russian navy “blows up own ship with sea mine,” which is the latest humiliation for Putin
Nuclear weapons
Ukrainian nuclear weapons “might” be developed to thwart Putin’s plans
Valadimir Putin
Due to deadly syndrome, “invincible” Putin has a “self-destructive death wish.”
Valadimir Putin
Putin issues warning to West & promises RETALIATION if NATO deploys troops in Sweden & Finland
Valadimir Putin
As WW3 tensions increase, the US announces a MASSIVE military build-up in Europe, including F-35 squadrons and troops near Putin’s border
Valadimir Putin
Ukraine begs Boris Johnson to persuade “pariah” Putin to end the harmful Black Sea embargo
Valadimir Putin
Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine has “SHATTERED peace in Europe.” US President Joe Biden
US nuclear jets
US nuclear jets flies near Russian border in chilling threat to Putin after he sent ‘nuke-armed planes to Sweden’
Ukrainian Mayor
According to NATO, Russian soldiers are regrouping rather than leaving
Isolated Putin is being lied to by fearful generals who are too afraid to concede Russian defeat
Russian soldiers were hurried away from the Chernobyl nuclear power plant with RADIATION illness after digging trenches in polluted woodlands
Dramatic occurrence During Putin’s disastrous attack, Russian tanks are decimated, and the driver gets out and flees for his life
Russian Soldiers
Russian military are in disarray as soldiers abandon their uniforms, disobey commands, and’shoot down their own planes.’
Ukrainian lady
After fleeing to Italy, a Ukrainian lady, 20, who filmed life in a bomb shelter in viral TikTok videos, confesses her 18-year-old brother was slain by Russian soldiers
NATO has been ‘DEFEATED’, Putin calling the alliance’s bluff
British Armed Forces
‘Putin has already lost,’ says the head of the British armed forces
Inside a confiscated £550,000 Mercedes armoured limo that can withstand a BOMB strike owned by a Putin ally and ex-Arsenal shareholder
Russian soldiers
HORRIFIC situation ‘Russian soldiers are ABANDONED by colleagues who flee in a Z truck in a frantic withdrawal from Ukraine.’
Charles and William ‘begged the Queen to exclude Prince Andrew from the Philip monument, but she refused.’
Don’t be duped! NATO tells Putin’s military that a new strike is imminent
Russian troops ‘sick’ of their ration packs are eating dogs in Ukraine ‘We wanted meat’
As Russia’s next actions are reviewed, Vladimir Putin shifts his emphasis to “simple wins” in Ukraine
Contracts will be terminated.’ Putin has threatened to shut off Europe’s gas supply as early as tomorrow
Putin’s female super-sniper, who has killed 40 people, is married to a rebel leader who has “shot more than 100 Ukrainians.”
Ramzan Kadyrov, a Chechen warlord backed by Putin, pays a visit to Mariupol
Putin is being misled to by his own aides, according to a senior US defence official
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