Top five advancements we predict in PUBG Mobile in 2020

Komal FatimaWeb Editor

02nd Jan, 2020. 04:41 pm
PUBG mobile

PUBG mobile was among the top downloaded game of last year. The game fascinates its fans with lots of features and updates. Several people, especially youngsters, remain addicted to PUBG. However, PUBG freaks will again enjoy features that will double their excitement levels. Here are the top five features we expect to have in the game.


PUBG freaks will see a new feature; they will see drones in the game. Now, instead of chasing and killing the opponents, the fighters can detect the shooters through drones. The drones in this game will boost the excitement level of the gamers and will make it more attractive.

Erangel 2.0

The new update expected in PUBG mobile is Erangel 2.0. Erangel is the most famous map that elaborates on the location well. Erangel 2.0 is announced to be an advanced and more enhanced one. More graphics and colors are likely to be demonstrated through this feature.

Colorblind mode

Another much-anticipated feature is Color Blind Mode. Back to the finals of PMCO 2019 Fall Split, the General Manager Vincent Wang has proclaimed the launching of this feature in 2020. The colorblind mode will make the battle more complex and adventurous.

90Hz/120Hz mode

PUBG mobile still operates at 60fps even though 90Hz/120Hz displays have already been introduced in 2019. Fortunately, this display will be launched again this year and will improve the frame quality of the game. This is one of the most predicted developments in PUBG mobile and will let the gamers enjoy more.

New Team Deathmatch map

Gamers have availed the new TDM map of ruins in 2019 with much excitement. However, a new TDM map will be updated in the game this year. The new TDM Map is expected to be created with the foundation of the new Winter Mode that was introduced last year.

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