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Apple could ditch Intel in its MacBooks and Macs by 2021

Syed Umarullah HussainiWeb Editor

27th Mar, 2020. 04:15 pm
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Apple isn’t just planning to launch a MacBook with an ARM processor, but several laptops and also desktop computers with its own custom-designed CPUs in 2021. It also seems that USB4 support will be coming to Apple’s machines in 2022.

By switching multiple Macs over to its own ARM silicon, Apple will be able to refresh its various different models without having to rely on Intel’s product roadmap – or indeed CPU supply levels, which Apple has previously blamed for affecting Mac sales negatively.

This switch will also provide considerable cost-savings for Apple, and in fact it should reduce processor costs by around 40% to 60%, meaning more profits for the company (or perhaps even the ability to price some of its products lower – we can always dream, right?).

There are other potential advantages of Apple taking full control over its CPUs in such a way, as we’ve discussed before, including ensuring better security (given Intel’s patchy track record of late, pun not intended), and the potential of tighter integration between its software and hardware ecosystems.

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