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Know about the latest and amazing trends on Instagram

Arhama AltafWeb Editor

31st May, 2020. 12:53 pm
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Instagram is currently the most used yet most attractive social media too for millions of people accessing the internet. From celebrities to politicians, cricketers and even company owners have had Instagram in their use.

The moment Facebook bought it, the number of subscriptions increased substantially and since has become of the major medium to share your thoughts, stories and posts with your followers.

Updates are a part of every website, but a certain update can become a major trend on this social media app or website that is followed by millions of people globally.

With the social media evolving every second of our lives, we have to make sure to keep ourselves updated with the latest trends and features that come out.

However, here’s a list of 5 amazing trends that made Instagram a cool application than before.

Age of IGTV

With the coming of the IGTV feature on Instagram, the video featuring experienced has changed completely over the app. With this feature, you can upload a long-format video easily with the option of IGTV button.

This trend has been explored widely among individuals and businesses to increase followers.

Instagram Poll Stories and Close Friends Sharing

Instagram has done some changes to get these stories sharing more interactive by adding polls and other things like ‘Ask Me Anything’, whereby it allows your followers to interact with you over stories.

With the addition of close friends sharing option on your stories, you will be able to upload certain special stories, intended for your close friends or family, without the interference of other people in your list.

This trend had been appreciated all over the world and giving people major reasons to share more and more stories.

New Filters

The use of new filters, GIFs, available on Instagram is a new trend loved by all. An object can be placed right in your camera frame and you can take amazing pictures and upload them with your friends or family.

Instagram Ads via Stories

Story advertising has been a great trend introduced by the app recently. People might not look at posts uploaded by people regularly, but they almost never miss out the stories put up by the followers.

Ads in between those stories can significantly increase Instagram shopping and potential customer bases for various businesses.

Tweet snaps and pictures

This trend has been going on for quite a while now and no one seems to be getting bored of it. Sharing screenshots of your own tweets or other people’s tweets is getting popular day by day. It helps in getting more and more followers and thereby creating engaging content to increase your likes.

However, there are many other noticeable trends like increased search options in the explore tab, sound on for Instagram stories, lesser number of bots, and many more.

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