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What is the new WhatsApp scam you should be aware of !

Muhammad UsmanMultimedia Journalist

30th May, 2020. 11:37 am
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new WhatsApp scam that you should be aware of !

A most advanced WhatsApp scam is making the steps in which an account representing to be WhatsApp’s official company is transferring messages to users, urging them to share their particular confirmation code. However, it doesn’t seem substantial enough; some users might fall for this hideous trap and ends up giving their relevant details unknowingly with the scammers.

A twitter user gave the screenshot of the communication chat on Twitter and urged WAbetainfo to confirm it. However, the highlights a tracker has stated that the communication is fraudulent as WhatsApp never delivers messages to its users. “This is #FAKE. WhatsApp doesn’t message you on WhatsApp, and if they do (for global announcements, but it’s so rare), a green verified indicator is visible,” Wabetainfo stated in their tweet.

Wabetainfo additionally shared an illustration of an official message. The screenshots reveal a green checked tick right with the account title. Nevertheless, you will also see the nonexistence of a chat bar, which indicates that you cannot respond to an official message by WhatsApp. The messaging application only transfers its user’s messages whenever there is an official statement to execute, and that program is just utilized for that. It doesn’t occur very often so possibilities are that some of you might have never seen a message by WhatsApp’s official company.

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Whatsapp New Features

Whatsapp has good features, but there is only one issue that they can’t is schedule messages. If you want to wish someone on their birthday or any other occasion so in spite of pinging; we can schedule messages.

You can schedule messages on both Android and iPhone. Both carry different limitations since Whatsapp does not support this feature.
However, there are more limitations which we will explain in a while. This is how we can schedule messages on Whatsapp, Android, and iPhone.

Whatsapp does not require an official feature to schedule messages. However, Android and Smartphone users can schedule messages with the help of another app. Many Android apps can do the job, but SKEDit is one of them that can do it perfectly.

On the other hand, we can schedule messages on Android through many other third parties, but this not in IOS. However, there are more options through which we can schedule messages on iPhone through Siri Shortcuts.

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