Apple’s threat against ‘Fortnite’ creator would hurt its games, says Microsoft

Arhama AltafWeb Editor

24th Aug, 2020. 11:07 am
Apple Fortnite Games

Apple’s threat to revoke Epic Games developer account would have far-reaching effects harmful to the videogame industry, Microsoft Corp. said.

The new filing by Epic comes amid a tense showdown with Apple AAPL, +5.15%, which has removed Epic videogames, such as the mega-popular ‘Fortnite,’ from its App Store over a violation of its payment rules.

Epic argued that Apple’s threat to also block its developer account would prevent other game developers from using its widely used Unreal Engine, which is used in the creation of 3-D graphics, harming ‘numerous third-party developers.’

Kevin Gammill, Microsoft’s general manager for Gaming Developer Experiences, agreed in a statement of support, saying the ban by Apple would put developers who use the Unreal Engine “at a substantial disadvantage,” since “there are very few other options available.”

“If Unreal Engine cannot support games for iOS or macOS, Microsoft would be required to choose between abandoning its customers and potential customers on the iOS and macOS platforms or choosing a different game engine when preparing to develop new games,” Gammill wrote.

However, Epic is seeking a court order to stop Apple’s termination of its developer accounts. Apple has said that it will reverse its moves if Epic resubmits a version of ‘Fortnite’ that complies with its payment rules.

On Friday, Apple said in a filing that Epic unilaterally decided to break its rules after following them for more than a decade, calling Epic’s removal from the App Store a ‘self-inflicted wound.’

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