Google reveals security threat to Windows by hackers

Hamna HumailWeb Editor

03rd Nov, 2020. 02:16 pm

Google, known for detecting security threats related to a vulnerability in the Windows system, affects versions of Windows 7, and even Windows 10.

Google said at Charter that there is evidence of active exploits of an exposed subjection which could allow attackers and outsiders to execute code with elevated privileges.

The vulnerability that is tracked by naming (CVE-2020-17087) is actively exploited along with another vulnerability in the Chrome browser.

It was reported last week that cybercriminals exploited the two vulnerabilities in order to execute code on a hacked target by escaping the browser’s secure environment.

It is said that Microsoft will fix this vulnerability with an upcoming Tuesday patch on November 10th. However, because of corrections needed for Windows 7 versions, this can only be applicable to those users who have subscribed to Extended Security Updates (ESU).  As a result of this, not all users can amend the problem in their Windows 7 system.

With the vulnerability being actively exploited, the search team offered Microsoft seven days to correct the bug before it was publicly announced. The vulnerability has been fixed by Google in Chrome by releasing the stable version of the browser.

The company has also included proof of a concept code to show how the exploitation can disrupt the system. In addition, Shane Huntley, director of the Google Threat Analysis Group, emphasized that the vulnerability was not related to a government-sponsored attack on the upcoming US election.

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