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Google’s Digital Wellbeing App: No More Pedestrian Accidents

Hamna HumailWeb Editor

23rd Nov, 2020. 03:21 pm
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Digital Wellbeing App

It’s true that a lot of theories surrounding phones and how using them is a detriment to society tend to be untrue. At the same time there is one common criticism of phones that seems to be valid, even though it does reflect more on how we use this technology rather than the technological gadget itself.

A lot of people walk on the roads while their heads are into their phones. Due to this reason, they may not know where they’re going and this has the potential to cause all sorts of accidents. It leads to pedestrian deaths as well as road accidents.

Google’s Digital Wellbeing app is supposed to be something that protects users from the harmful ways in which they might end up using their phones. As a result of the fact that this is the case, Google is working on adding a new set of notifications which would remind users to be wary if they are walking with their eyes on their phones.

The APK for upcoming updates on the app revealed that these notifications are currently a work in progress. The messages will be paired with emoticons to make them appear to be more encouraging than criticizing.

They will play an integral role in helping people stay focused on the road rather than being distracted by their phones.

It’s important that Google is taking these kinds of initiatives into account, especially considering people using their phones while strolling.

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