Scientists develop food from water, electricity and air called ‘Solein’

Raba NoorWeb Editor

28th Aug, 2021. 12:00 am

And now ‘food’ will be made from electricity, water, and air, a Finnish company ‘Solar Foods’ has invented a unique way to make a diet rich in protein.

Scientists say that this method requires only air, water, and electricity to make food, while solar energy is used to meet the need for electricity so that the whole method is environmentally friendly.

The food prepared in this way is called Solein, which stands for ‘Solar Protein’. This new technique of making a protein is very similar to the process of fermentation, which is mostly used in alcohol. Used in the manufacturing industry.

According to scientists, during the first phase, bubbles of hydrogen and carbon dioxide are removed by passing electricity through the water, then live microscopic organisms (microbes) are added to it, which release carbon dioxide, water, and air. Using them together, they make different types of proteins, and they come in the form of solutions.

In the final stage, the solution is dried, leaving a protein in the form of a powder. Feels like wheat flour.

According to Solar Foods, Solein can be added to any type of diet to significantly increase its nutrition. It will also be manufactured on a commercial scale. Solar Foods plans to increase its production by 2021. Meat should be increased to 2 billion annually. It should be noted that meat is currently the largest source of protein in the world.

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