Do you know you can make money by watching horror movies?

Sania SaeedWeb Editor

15th Sep, 2021. 08:37 pm
Did you know? You can make money by watching horror movies

A great offer for moviegoers: watch 13 horror movies and make money at home.

The American company Finance Buzz has decided to give 1300 dollars (ie more than 200,000 Pakistani rupees) to those who are interested in watching 13 horror movies in October.

According to Finance Buzz, moviegoers will have to wear a smartwatch to watch movies.

Finance Buzz says the smartwatch will be used to monitor viewers’ heartbeats while watching horror movies.

The company says the purpose of the exercise was to determine whether a film’s budget affects viewers while viewing 13 horror movies to see if high-budget horror movies are less.

The company added: “We will pay the hired horror movie heart rate analyst 13 1300 and give him a smartwatch to record his heartbeat and he will help us if the budget of a movie affects him.” Or not.

In addition, viewers will have to rate these films based on the size of the production budget of the films.

The 13 horror movies that viewers will see have already been selected by the company. This includes classic films on small and large budgets.

  •  (Saw)
  • (The Blair Witch Project)
  • (The Purge)
  • (Get Out)
  • Halloween (2018))
  • (Amityville Horror)
  • (Insidious)
  • (Paranormal Activity)
  •  (Annabelle)
  •  (Candyman)
  • (Sinister)
  • (A Quiet Place)
  • (A Quiet Place Part 2)

Viewers will have to watch the above films between October 9 and October 18.

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