Google Research Points to Rising of Digital Revolution in Pakistan

muzzamil mehboobWeb Editor

01st Aug, 2021. 12:41 pm
Google Research Points to Rising of Digital Revolution in Pakistan

Pakistan is now witnessing a digital revolution, and most people are ready to accept it as more than half the population of the country is connected to the internet on daily basis, based on the research by Google and Kantar, Journey to Digital.

In a two-stage study, 4,135 Pakistanis aged 15 to 55 were interviewed in both urban and rural locations.

The study revealed that about 76% of the Pakistanis living in three big cities; Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad; are connected to the internet.

Overall, 66% of users are based in urban areas while 47% are based in rural areas. The study further revealed that on daily basis 46% of all Pakistanis are connected to the internet.

The major population consists of young males, who are early adopters. They like to try out new things and need the internet for their education.

As a result of lockdown due to COVID-19, daily internet users increased to 89% from 79% before lockdown.

Youtube is the most popular app used by users, nearly 90%. They use it for streaming videos and music. 38% of the Pakistanis use Youtube for the purpose of shopping research.

Pakistan is experiencing an e-commerce boom, with 71% of Pakistani buyers finding it easy and 66% finding it convenient to buy items or services online. Another 54% believe that online shopping websites or apps provide customized product recommendations, which is a frequently asked question by customers.

Faraz Azhar, Industry Head at Google explained, “With half of its population on the internet – Pakistan is now online! This is the first time Google and Kantar released a study to understand more about Pakistan’s internet population. But it’s not only about people getting online, this research has uncovered new insights and behaviors that show how COVID is impacting online behavior and the digital opportunities waiting to be unlocked.”

“More people are coming online in Pakistan, creating a great opportunity for eCommerce businesses – if they are ready to seize it. As we see more exploration of the internet beyond social, e-retailers can capture natural cross-category purchasing on its rise, but only if they have first established themselves and their product offering in an online marketplace,” he said.

Helping clients acquire trust by demonstrating how quick, convenient, and personal the e-shopping experience is will be important to the further growth of eCommerce in Pakistan. Kantar’s Client Manager, Leah Westwood, added.

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