Exports in Japan up by 26 pct. In August, enduring fast retrieval from pandemic

Syed AhadWeb Editor

16th Sep, 2021. 10:03 pm

Government statistics showed that good exports in Japan saw a 26.2% growth in August from the prior year, starting recovering quickly from the first influence of the corona pandemic the previous year.

An initial report by the finance ministry revealed that exports increased for the sixth successive month to 6.61 trillion yen (60 billion U.S.Dollars), thanks to active exports of steel to the European market and semiconductor-producing equipment to some Asian countries.

As compared to the same time previous year, the increase in exports raised 20% for the 5th consecutive month recovering from a drop of 14.8 percent in August previous year when Japan keep on affected by the drop in worldwide demand for automobiles and other merchandises.

Exports improved 7.6 percent from August two years ago before the virus epidemic broke out, which reflected strong demand, the ministry said.

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