Hair was on fire and this woman was busy with work, video went viral

Sania SaeedWeb Editor

30th Sep, 2021. 06:13 pm

There are many painful incidents with women while working in the kitchen, but now a video of a woman working in the kitchen has taken social media users by surprise.

A video of a woman working in the kitchen is being shared on the social media platform Twitter in which it can be seen that the woman’s hair caught fire during the work. At first, the woman did not even notice the fire in her hair.

It took the woman 45 seconds to understand what had happened to her.


The video shows a woman standing in the kitchen working by the stove, and her hair caught fire as she bent down to collect food.

It can be seen in the video that the woman did not immediately notice the fire in her hair and she continued to work at the same speed. However, after a while when the woman felt the heat of the fire, she immediately extinguished the fire with her hands.

Due to timely extinguishing the fire, the woman was safe from any damage, otherwise, the situation could have been serious.


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