Everyone on Twitter can host Spaces from now

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22nd Oct, 2021. 02:26 pm

Image: newsd.in

After acquiring Sphere and expanding its access, Twitter made an announcement regarding its ‘Spaces’ tool recently. Anybody with iOS and Android can access and host ‘Twitter Space’ from now onwards. Previously, the ability to conduct the audio meeting was limited to accounts with at least 600 followers.

The option is available to everybody using Twitter on smartphones. Twitter is constantly improvising its ‘Spaces’ tool since its launch; a new development was made recently, when it allowed the host to add 2 more co-hosts and around 10 speakers for a better moderation.

The micro-blogging application also disabled its 24-hr story feature, also known by the name ‘Fleets’, to have a better focus on ‘Spaces’ and its updated versions.

Seeing ‘Twitter Spaces’, many social media applications followed the suit and launched their own audio chat rooms, such as Facebook’s Live Audio Rooms, and Spotify’s Greenroom etc.