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Flood Assistance
Flood Assistance

Flood Assistance

Balochistan FC North played an instrumental role in relief efforts in the province

Pakistan experienced severe flooding after torrential monsoon rains hit Sindh and major portions of Balochistan in the initial days of July, 2022. Many villages and urban centres were flooded, which wreaked havoc in various parts of Balochistan. The floods caused roofs to collapse, damaged to houses and dams, and left several people dead or injured.

Per Balochistan’s Provincial Disaster Management Authority (PDMA), as many as, 90 people lost their lives, while 63 were injured, 1,047 houses were damaged, nine bridges were damaged and 556 livestock were killed. Apart from the aforementioned damages, 16 small dams were also damaged. Among the areas most affected in the North of Balochistan were Quetta, Qilla Saifullah, Pishin, Muslim Bagh, Qamaruddin Kerez, Khushnoob, Chaman, Harnai, Zhob and Dera Bugti.

The civil administration and PDMA promptly initiated rescue and relief efforts in the affected areas, supported by Balochistan Frontier Corps (FC) North. Flood monitoring and relief centres were established by Balochistan FC North in each district of its area of responsibility. After assessment of the initial damages, major relief activities were started by troops of Frontier Corps, including the following;

Rescue of Stranded People and Livestock


Immediate rescue parties were dispatched for the rescue of persons stranded in flooded areas. Thousands were saved by rescue teams, shifted to safer places, while bodies of the deceased were recovered. Apart from saving the lives of humans, the utmost efforts were made to save livestock, as it is the main source of the livelihood of the people of the region.

Provision of Relief Aid

Medical aid in the form of free medical camps was continuously provided. Furthermore, those who have been displaced from their homes were served cooked meals and supplied with fresh drinking water. Tents and other relief items were also provided to them.

Dewatering of Various Flooded Areas

To ensure that no further damages to property or loss of life occours, the FC North carried out dewatering efforts in the previously inundated areas of Balochistan. Due to severe damages to National Highways, transport had halted resulting in a stoppage of the provision of basic commodities of life. As such, thousands of ration bags were distributed among the needy. Furthermore, the FC North also spearheaded the reconstruction of damaged houses and infrastructure. It also carried out surveys to assess damages, after the completion of which an area-wise damages report was produced and reconstruction, as well as, maintenance of houses and other infrastructure has been initiated.

The Balochistan FC North has maintained its rich tradition of helping the people of the province in their hour of need. Efforts are still underway to provide relief to the people affected by floods and to assist the civil administration in carrying out relief activities.


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