Hammad Azhar Takes A Jibe At Bilawal After He Criticized PTI During NA Speech

Arhama AltafWeb Editor

18th Jun, 2021. 01:40 pm
Hammad Azhar reacts to Bilawal's speech

Federal Minister for Energy Hammad Azhar has on Friday reacted to PPP Chairman Bilawal Bhutto’s remarks after he lashed out at the PTI government over their presented budget 2021-22.

Hammad Azhar delivered his speech during the National Assembly session today and challenged the Opposition, saying: “If they are brave enough to listen to the truth, then they should stay in the House till the end.”

He exposes the non-parliamentary behaviour of the Opposition and sets the record clear.

Mocking the way Bilawal kept switching between English and Urdu during his speech, he implied that oratory skills are not enough to remove the stains of corruption from someone’s character.

“Those who have never done anything to improve the country’s economy and have no knowledge thereof delivered an immature speech on the government’s budget and economic policies,” he said.

He asked the Opposition to go through the budget documents once again and point out what taxes, as they claim, have been levied in Azad Jammu and Kashmir.

Hammad Azhar said that the rate of inflation was higher during the tenure of the PPP government, adding that it was the PPP that went to the IMF more than any other government in the past.

“It looks like the Opposition is having a hard time digesting that the country has achieved a 4% growth under the rule of the PTI,” said the minister.

Hammad further added that PPP could not even achieve 1% growth during its five-year tenure.

“PTI Govt. Has Left People In A Destitute Condition”: Bilawal

Prior to Hammad Azhar’s speech, Bilawal Bhutto said that both the budget and the budget session of the PTI-led government are “illegal.”

Criticizing Prime Minister Imran Khan famous rhetoric, Bilawal said, “Likening the country — which is being ruled by an “illegitimate government — to the state of Madina is not appropriate.”

Speaking about the budget recently presented by the PTI-led government, Bilawal said that the masses are aware of the fact that 4% growth is a lie.

“I think both this budget and the budget session are illegal,” he said.

“Every budget will be unconstitutional until the NFC award is given,” said Bilawal.

Shedding light on the growing inflation in the country, Bilawal said, “The PTI government has “abandoned people and left them in a destitute condition.”

He said that people will never forget the government for further pushing them below the poverty line.

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