Gautam Adani fraud claims
Indian billionaire Gautam Adani faces fraud claims

Indian billionaire Gautam Adani lost more than $20 billion (£16 billion) on Friday amid fraud claims. Investors withdrew from his...

Sherry Rehman
Sherry Rehman, Justice Ayesha Malik featured in Forbes list of Asia’s 50 over 50
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Momina Mustehsan raises awareness for climate change in Pakistan at event
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Company of Oprah Winfrey files lawsuit against creators of the “Oprahdemics” podcast
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Lost cat reunites with its owners after 10 years
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Aiman Khan congratulates Mahira Khan and Atif Aslam
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Former Google employee becomes China's second richest person
Former Google employee becomes China’s second richest person
Forbes accuses Kylie Jenner of faking billionaire status
Forbes accuses Kylie Jenner of faking billionaire status
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Business Pundits Predicts 9 Future Changes after leaving Pandemic Behind
Shahid Khan overtakes US president in money race
Scarlett Johansson as the highest paid actress of Hollywood
Scarlett Johansson remains the highest paid actress in the world