Android’s new partnership Advances the third-party security system

Fahad PervezWeb Editor

19th Oct, 2020. 09:19 pm

Google starts a new program with which the company is looking at the security susceptibilities of its partners. Android is now getting help from Google to make their devices more secure.

It has been the case that Android security updates only fix those susceptibilities that are directly in the Android code. With the newly founded step, Google is now increasing this and is now also looking for susceptibilities at third-party workers and helping to correct them. According to the statement in the Android blog, the Android partners will soon be able to get advantage from this, which will mainly benefit end users.

“Google’s Android Security & Privacy Team launched the Android Partner Vulnerability team to manage security problems precisely for Android OEMs,” said Program Manager Kylie McRoberts and Security Engineer Alec Guertin. “This team was developed to promote counteractive action and to deliver users with transparency about problems that we have discovered at Google and that affect device models that are shipped by Android partners, i.e. by hardware manufacturers such as Vivo, Oppo or Huawei.

“The team has already spoken a number of security issues, thereby refining the protection of users from bypassing permissions, executing code in the kernel, credential leaks, and creating unencrypted backups,” said Google.

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