WhatsApp is bringing call functionality to desktop computers

Fahad PervezWeb Editor

20th Oct, 2020. 07:47 pm

WhatsApp soon offers to their user’s voice and video call support. This feature also allows us to make group calls.

WhatsApp has given to its users to place calls on mobile but now, call support could soon arrive on WhatsApp’s web and desktop clients.

According to the report, WhatsApp has given the ability to its users to conduct voice and video chat but the phone app is currently is in under development.

Screenshots of a future WhatsApp web shapes a pop-up will be displayed with the option to decline or accept pending calls. It’s unclear if pending video calls will preview the user’s video feeds like the phone app. An in-call pop-up could also be accessible, letting callers mute an ongoing call or switch from voice to video.

Group voice and video calls are also supported and an eight-person limit is set by WhatsApp.

Call support has given the authority to WhatsApp’s web and desktop users to one step closer. However, for users who currently need to connect to these users through their smartphone the company is still supposedly working on linked device login support. This will allow users to log in to WhatsApp from multiple devices. It is not clear when that feature will be available on the devices.

WhatsApp users in the future may be able to use the app as a separate noncommercial alternative to Skype and Zoom on the desktop without the need to log in or connect through their mobile devices.

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