Google Chrome & many other browsers suffer from an extensive malware operation

Fahad PervezWeb Editor

12th Dec, 2020. 07:26 pm
google chrome

Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and other browsers are suffering from an ongoing malware operations.

The attack has affected numerous browsers and is intended to inject ads into search results and add malicious browser extensions as well.


According to the reports, that from May to September 2020, the company recorded hundreds of thousands of encounters of the Adrozek malware across the globe.

The tech giant even tracked 159 unique domains, each of which hosted an average of 17,300 unique URLs. This in turn hosted an average of over 15,300 distinct, polymorphic malware samples.

The malware’s primary aim is to lead users to affiliated websites and even serve them ads by injecting them into search results.

Additionally, the malware attains this by also silently adding on other malicious browser extensions as well.

This changes the browser settings to insert ads into webpages, where one wouldn’t otherwise find them. These ads can then be found on top of other legitimate ads from the search engine and is claimed to also modify DLL per target browser. In simpler terms, it can turn of security controls on the browser.

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