When you take ‘social-distancing’ way much seriously!

Arhama AltafWeb Editor

29th Nov, 2020. 09:36 pm
Social distancing dress by Shay

As we all know that during the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, social distancing is considered as a part of our lives in order to avoid the disease.

However, following the trend, a designer has made a ‘social-distancing dress’ after getting inspired by the pandemic situation. Instagram user Shay decided to make a dress which has a six-feet radius, in accordance with the social distancing norms.

“It is like your own little social distancing bubble,” Shay said in an Instagram post.

Even after her math went wrong twice, she did not give up on bringing her idea to life. She finally succeeded in her third attempt at making the social distancing dress.

Shay decided to use tulle netting for her 12-feet hoopskirt because it’s lightweight and cheap. After designing the bodice, she made a matching face mask to complete the look.

Shay made social-distancing dress

She shared her progress video and photos on Instagram. The girl assembled the dress outside her house as the dress won’t fit in her house.


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However, to make movement easier while wearing such a huge dress, Shay added wheels to the base of the dress.

Shay used more than 270 metres of tulle to make the dress.

Social distancing dress by Shay

“The social distancing dress is DONE!!! It took 300+ yards of tulle, 2 months to make, and a whole lot of trial and error. this dress definitely isn’t perfect (yes I know you can see the wheels) but it’s done and I am really really proud of it!” she said while sharing photos of herself wearing the complete dress.

“We had to do this photo-shoot in a parking lot because it was the only place THIS DRESS COULD FIT,” she jokingly said.

Moreover, Netizens just loved her idea and commented as they were inspired by ‘social-distancing’ norms.

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