I keep a safe distance with co-stars in real life & in reel life, Yumna Zaidi

Hamna HumailWeb Editor

17th Jun, 2021. 10:27 am
Yumna Zaidi

Actress Yumna Zaidi has said that the distance set with her co-stars and other actors in the script is the same distance she maintains with them in normal life.

In a recent interview, Yumna Zaidi said that she keeps a safe distance with every actor on as well as off set.

When asked if no one opposes this behavior, Yumna Zaidi said that this is not the case, because everyone understands such things which are related to professional matters and the work environment.

The actress also mentioned that she has not appeared on screen without make-up till date.

The ‘Pyaar Ke Sadqay’ actress said that she has read in a lot of places on social media and has seen the reaction of people that Yumna worked without make-up, therefore she explained that she has never worked without make-up.

During the interview, the actress said that she looks better without make-up but make-up is mandatory for every character in the showbiz industry.

The actress spoke about her favorite co-stars and stated that she enjoyed working with Bilal Abbas as he is a very hardworking and capable actor and she is quite impressed by him.

Yumna also named Ahmed Ali Akbar and Zahid Ahmed as her favorite actors.

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