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Geo News anchor mocks Urdu by reading Kitabcha’ as ‘Kutta Bacha’

Muhammad UsmanMultimedia Journalist

05th Sep, 2018. 06:47 pm
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Geo News anchor mocks Urdu by reading Kitabcha’ as ‘Kutta Bacha’

No monitoring! Geo Newscaster repeatedly reads reads ‘Kitabcha’ as ‘Kutta Bacha

Pakistan has more than 50 news channels that provide a non-stop stream of news and commentary on current affairs. The need to produce endless content often leaves the teams at these channels over-worked and under-rehearsed. However, that does not justify using inappropriate language going on air.

A newscaster Ali Aneeq of the GEO news read and said Kutta Bacha (puppy) instead of Kitabcha (booklet) while reading news about the suicide rate amongst British soldiers. While talking about a Kitabcha being provided to the United Kingdom (UK) soldiers for battling suicidal thoughts, the anchor called it Kuta Bacha twice.

A lot of Pakistani Twitter users made fun of it and the clip was on trending on twitter with the name of Kuta Bacha and GEO News, alongside the anchorperson. Social media users criticized the quality of news as one wrote: “It is not a slip of the tongue; he does not know how to read and was unfamiliar with the word.

Since GEO News is supposedly among the biggest media names in Pakistan’s journalism industry, Ali Aneeq’s blunder on the live television transmission was simultaneously seen by millions of viewers, bringing a bad name to the country.

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