Alarming situation in India over COVID-19 risks with reopening of public places

Roman AhmedWeb Editor

16th Jun, 2021. 07:14 pm
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India is barely over a distressing second wave of coronavirus infections, At the moment there is an alarming situation in India over risks of resurrection as crowds jammed railway stations and shopping malls a day after major cities relaxed restrictions on movement.

The capital New Delhi, in the north, and tech hub Bengaluru, in the south, has begun lifting austere lockdowns as the nationwide score of new infections dropped to its lowest level in more than two months.

Authorities in Delhi have fully re-opened shops and malls, after a strict five-week lockdown and have allowed restaurants to have 50% seating. Domestic rail networks can operate at 50% capacity, and offices have been partially reopened.

“Delhi’s top #mall saw a footfall of 19,000 people last weekend- as soon as it reopened. Have we gone totally mad?” Ambrish Mithal, a doctor with a Max HealthCare hospital in New Delhi said on Twitter. “Wait for #COVID19 to explode again- and blame the government, hospitals, country.”

dr ambrish mithal tweet

Health experts have warned that a race towards continuing business as usual would cooperate vaccination efforts as only about 5% of all 950 million suitable adults have been vaccinated.

Doctors say Delhi’s almost re-opening is concerning. The city’s authorities have said they would enforce strict restrictions if needed.

On the contrary, Thousands died due to the novel virus in the capital in May with the oxygen supplies coming short and families begged on social media over infrequent hospital beds. Many have died in parking lots, and mortuaries have run out of space.

Yet, the city government said vaccination centers for people aged between 18 and 44 would start shutting down on Tuesday, as doses were rare.

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